The Lion Attitude  Vs  The sheep attitude

As we gear-up to move to the next level, our attitude is a key factor to our success. I want to point our minds to the attitude of the Lion and the sheep.

1. Gather Your Materials

The sheep follow the leader and the herd     –  The Lion leads.

The sheep don’t know where they are going –  The Lion have a defined aim.

The Sheep don’t use their mind  –  The Lions know what is best for them.

The Lions are fearless; They have the courage to fight when others walk away.


The Lions have strength, heart, courage, and they know the path to take, having the strength to go bravely in their direction

What is the nature of your attitude?

What do you think, feel, and do about yourself?

God is the Lion of the tribe of Judah, Every creature reproduces itself; Therefore you are God’s image.

As we glide into the new year, Get hungry to lead the rest;

Demonstrate leadership;

Don’t seek respect, command respect;

Don’t fit in, stand-out !


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