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May 27, 2018
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Thank you all for your support and assistance in bringing this project to reality! To my management and crew I say, God bless you all. Watch out, as my management takes gospel music to the next level with Don Moen and Frank Edward. God bless you all! https://youtu.be/HYkN73x3p10
  The Lion Attitude  Vs  The sheep attitude As we gear-up to move to the next level, our attitude is a key factor to our success. I want to point our minds to the attitude of the Lion and the sheep. 1. Gather Your Materials The sheep follow the leader and the herd     -  The Lion leads. The sheep don't know where...
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It is to the glory of God almighty that the skies showed it's smile of sunshine for this video to be achieved! Marketer extraordinaire Honesty Music was in full charge. We guarantee you folks will enjoy it. Lion Of Judah!  Watch Here! The song is produce by Chris Okoro Lion Of Judah Afro Gospel. 2.  Watch direct from Youtube   [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8MK0nqkCHM] The Video coming soon..
One song stands out amongst gospel songs released in 2017. That song was written by Sister FaitFavour. A prolific holy spirit inspired song writer and soulful singer/artist.  Lion Of Judah! A song that will uplift your spirit in praise and adoration of God Almighty. It express the glory of God and His awesome might! Download and share!
New every morning, Like the freshness of the morning dew, Sprinkles of his Love showers upon our souls!    

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